14 July 2016

How To Reduce Acne

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Selamat hari raya even dah raya ke 11 i think hahahaha. Dah lupa raya ke berapa sebab sis dah start class :'( .

Okay as you guys know it has been 6 months since i stop oratane& after i stop i memang takda berpantang apa apa. Means takda pantang makan seafood ke apa sebab mcm takda kaitan je ?
So 5 months after i stop oratane, my acne start coming back but takda la teruk gila mcm dulu. Maybe bcs of i didnt get enough sleep bcs of exam & i get stress easily that time.

Because i'm scared it might getting worst, so i met my dermatologist and he said i have to start taking oratane all over again. Means i have to take it for 6 months! like no ?!! I wont spend my money on it again......................................i'm broke................................................................

So i'm gonna share my tips on how to reduce acne! it does really work for me & i hope it work for you too since many of you dm me tanya how i cleared my acne <3

1. After i cleanse my face, i take 1 ice cube & wrap it with tissue and rub all over my face especially on the acne. Then lepas ice cube tu dah cair i pakai toner & moisturizer.

2. The next step is after i'm done with my toner & moisturizer, i'll put my acne treatment which is tidact gel. Okay tidact gel ni youguys boleh beli dkt any pharmacy. Sorry lupa kotak dia letak kat mana hahahaha

It does really work for me like semua jerawat i kering!!!! you can see the result after few days.
And if you mcm nak jaga luar & dalam kan i suggest you ambik supplement ni. You can get it dekat watson okay bb.

Haa i guess thats all for now sebab malas nak type. Later i share my skincare routine.

Much love, Ifah Arif <3