17 February 2017

My Skincare Routine


Its been months since the last time i wrote here. Been wanting to update my blog but  busy with life hehehe. I just finish my semester break and got nothing to do since i only got class on monday,tuesday and wednesday. Got lots of free time yeay!

Since my skin is so so so much better now, i'm gonna share with you guys my skincare routine! I keep changing my skincare routine for years since i cant find the one that suits me but now i already found it! i have been using these product for months now and i really love it. My skin is really sensitive and these product have done great to my skin!

Okay the first one is my cleanser, i'm not sure whether you can get this or not because i have to buy this at my dermatologist. But other than this you can try sebamed or cetaphil. All of them do the exact same things.

I have a secret to tell ya but this work for me and it might not work for your skin. Everytime i have pimple on my face on my period days, i'll use sebamed intimate feminine wash. I know we should not use it on our face but it work for me! I'll use the intimate feminine wash at night and use my cleanser in the morning. And will continue the routine for 3 days and continue using my cleanser as usual.

I also use my face scrub and face mask twice a week! Since i have larges pores, i have to use the face mask everytime after i scrub my face.

I used to have lots of blackhead on my nose since i used makeup everyday. I will always use pobling everytime i wash my face at night and it do help a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My skin get smother than ever!!!!!
Btw, you can get it on Hermo.my <3 .

For toner, i use neutrogena and this is my 3rd bottle! Before this i've try Nature Republic but it didnt work well on me. But this neutrogena works so well on me! It reduce my large pores and keep my skin hydrated!

I have never love any moisturizer because i hate how it makes my face sticky hahaha but i love this organic aid moiturizer!!!!!!!! Its from drugstore and this is my 5th bottle!

My skin used to breakout a lot before and now alhamdulillah it so so much better! I hope you guys can find this helpful and never give up on things you really want!

Much love, ifah arif.