17 February 2017

My Skincare Routine


Its been months since the last time i wrote here. Been wanting to update my blog but  busy with life hehehe. I just finish my semester break and got nothing to do since i only got class on monday,tuesday and wednesday. Got lots of free time yeay!

Since my skin is so so so much better now, i'm gonna share with you guys my skincare routine! I keep changing my skincare routine for years since i cant find the one that suits me but now i already found it! i have been using these product for months now and i really love it. My skin is really sensitive and these product have done great to my skin!

Okay the first one is my cleanser, i'm not sure whether you can get this or not because i have to buy this at my dermatologist. But other than this you can try sebamed or cetaphil. All of them do the exact same things.

I have a secret to tell ya but this work for me and it might not work for your skin. Everytime i have pimple on my face on my period days, i'll use sebamed intimate feminine wash. I know we should not use it on our face but it work for me! I'll use the intimate feminine wash at night and use my cleanser in the morning. And will continue the routine for 3 days and continue using my cleanser as usual.

I also use my face scrub and face mask twice a week! Since i have larges pores, i have to use the face mask everytime after i scrub my face.

I used to have lots of blackhead on my nose since i used makeup everyday. I will always use pobling everytime i wash my face at night and it do help a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My skin get smother than ever!!!!!
Btw, you can get it on Hermo.my <3 .

For toner, i use neutrogena and this is my 3rd bottle! Before this i've try Nature Republic but it didnt work well on me. But this neutrogena works so well on me! It reduce my large pores and keep my skin hydrated!

I have never love any moisturizer because i hate how it makes my face sticky hahaha but i love this organic aid moiturizer!!!!!!!! Its from drugstore and this is my 5th bottle!

My skin used to breakout a lot before and now alhamdulillah it so so much better! I hope you guys can find this helpful and never give up on things you really want!

Much love, ifah arif.

14 July 2016

How To Reduce Acne

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Selamat hari raya even dah raya ke 11 i think hahahaha. Dah lupa raya ke berapa sebab sis dah start class :'( .

Okay as you guys know it has been 6 months since i stop oratane& after i stop i memang takda berpantang apa apa. Means takda pantang makan seafood ke apa sebab mcm takda kaitan je ?
So 5 months after i stop oratane, my acne start coming back but takda la teruk gila mcm dulu. Maybe bcs of i didnt get enough sleep bcs of exam & i get stress easily that time.

Because i'm scared it might getting worst, so i met my dermatologist and he said i have to start taking oratane all over again. Means i have to take it for 6 months! like no ?!! I wont spend my money on it again......................................i'm broke................................................................

So i'm gonna share my tips on how to reduce acne! it does really work for me & i hope it work for you too since many of you dm me tanya how i cleared my acne <3

1. After i cleanse my face, i take 1 ice cube & wrap it with tissue and rub all over my face especially on the acne. Then lepas ice cube tu dah cair i pakai toner & moisturizer.

2. The next step is after i'm done with my toner & moisturizer, i'll put my acne treatment which is tidact gel. Okay tidact gel ni youguys boleh beli dkt any pharmacy. Sorry lupa kotak dia letak kat mana hahahaha

It does really work for me like semua jerawat i kering!!!! you can see the result after few days.
And if you mcm nak jaga luar & dalam kan i suggest you ambik supplement ni. You can get it dekat watson okay bb.

Haa i guess thats all for now sebab malas nak type. Later i share my skincare routine.

Much love, Ifah Arif <3

20 November 2015

My Oratane Journey


I'm gonna write about my oratane journey. So if korang tak tahu what is oratane. So here it is.
Oratane capsules contain a medication known as isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is often a cure for acne. It is a similar substance to Vitamin A, but the action of isotretinoin is very different. Oratane works by reducing the amount of oily substances produced by the oil making glands in your skin. 

Oratane or Accutane tu kira ubat jerawat paling kuat la & hanya boleh dapat if jumpa and buat appointment dengan Dr. Means tak boleh beli dekat farmasi ke drugstore and harga ubat tu memang mahal untuk sebulan. Yes i'm broke :(
So i start taking oratane since June this year so now dah 5 months. I have worst breakout ever sebab i pernah buat laser treatment untuk scar and pakai dnars. First first pakai dnars mcm ok & muka jadi tegang. But after 3 weeks kulit jadi sakit sebab mcm nipis & shining gittew. So i stop and yes ITS THE WORST BREAKOUT EVER!!!!!! And i makan vitamin C shaklee & Vitamin E but it didnt get better. Not sure if tak sesuai or apa but mcm takde kesan. 

So i meet my Dr and he gave me oratane & new skincare. First week pakai oratane mcm takde effect & tak lama lepastu bibir kering gila serious takleh pakai lipstick lansung. And mmg Dr ada bagi sekali lip balm. Tak lama lepastu jerawat hilang sikit sikit & muka kering gila. Sebab oratane ni dia kurangkan minyak dekat muka. Muka akan tersangatlah kering. 
Second months tu jerawat still ada  but dah mcm kering. 

Third moths jerawat keluar banyak gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! SERIOUS! Time tu rasa nak nangis sangat sangat sebab dekat raya. Yes raya dengan muka teruk. Tapi sebab nak tutup jerawat i start pakai bb cream tebal sikit apa semua & its getting worst. Everytime orang datang rumah mesti tanya kenapa muka sampai mcm tu sekali. Serious malu gila. I start searching on youtube psl oratane. Then memang kesan dia dkt individu tu lain lain. 

Masuk forth months still tak hilang. Ya Allah serious sedih sebab nak daftar untuk degree. So masa orientasi tu memang muka masyaAllah teruk. Dua hari before masuk degree, my aunt, Ateh ada bg supplement sbb dia dah risau dengan muka yang makin teruk. And dia takut i malu sebab semua dah tegur kan padahal dah pegi jumpa Dr Pakar Kulit. So she gave me Gano punya supplement. Supplement tu kena makan tp i bukak capsule dia and letak sikit dkt jerawat yang merah merah tu.
And telan ubat tu jugak. Means i letak dkt jerawat before tidur and pagi tu alhamdulillah jerawat dah makin kering. So now i makan oratane (ada sebulan je lg before stop) and supplement gano tu. Sebab gano tu actually supplement untuk otak and tak bg kita penat. I ada baca yang if ambik oratane maybe after few years stop pengambilan oratane jerawat akan datang balik. Thats why i ambik supplement sebab Gano tu boleh prevent cancer and kuatkan antibody.
 So this is the supplement from Gano Excel.

And this is my face now alhamdulillah. Even still ada scars sikit dekat pipi but dah takde jerawat lansung. 

Guys this is not sponsored or what tapi i know how it feels to have acne. So this are what worked for me. I really hope you will try or maybe get an idea on what to takes as your supplement. Untuk supplement tu takleh beli dekat kedai jamu or drugstore and kena beli dekat stokis. If nak boleh contact i sebab i selalu ambik stok banyak banyak sebab senang. 

Do contact me through twitter : ifahArif_
or leave your number below :)
I really hope i can help uguys yang still ada masalah jerawat. Much love.

29 October 2015

Bengkak Gusi

Assalamualaikum guys.

I wanna share about how i cure my bengkak gusi hehehehe sorry lah memang selalu banyak sakit sakit pun. Dah lama actually sakit gusi since sekolah menengah.

Masa first bengkak gusi dekat gigi depan. It was so bad sebab dekat depan kan so takleh nak makan apa semua sebab teruk sangat sampai hari hari nangis. Yes sakit sangat sangat. Lepastu sebab dah selalu sangat makan antibiotic and tak hilang jugak. Dr suruh buat mati akar. Banyak kali kena buat appoinment sebab nak kena check apa semua kan. Mati akar tak sakit pun sebab Dr akan bius dulu apa semua. Dalam 6 kali appointment kot baru siap. Tak sure price dekat private clinic berapa sebab time tu buat dekat government hospital sebab student kan so murah.

Tak lama lepastu bengkak gusi dekat gigi graham pulak. Memang parah lah sebab nak kunyah makanan pun sakit. Tapi nak buat mati akar untuk gigi graham dekat hospital biasa tak boleh. Mati akar untuk gigi graham hanya boleh buat dengan Dr Pakar Pergigian which is sangat susah nak buat appointment. Lepastu masuk belajar pulak kan so memang susah lah nak g jumpa Dr.

Call Dr gigi biasa tanya apa je treatment boleh buat kan so dia ckp the best way nak hilangkan sakit tu kena cabut gigi. So pegi klinik kerajaan nak cabut gigi tapi dia tak mampu cabut. Even dah bius banyak kali still sakit time nak cabut and masa dia tarik tu serious sakit. Darah pun dah banyak keluar masa tu. Last last dia cakap takleh cabut haih dah la masa dia tarik gigi tu dah luka dah kat situ. Rasa nak lempang je Dr tu. Pastu dah tak sanggup nak pergi klinik kerajaan.

Dekat private klinik pulak dia cakap dia akan xray dulu before cabut tu apa semua. Tapi kos pulak banyak. Then lepas cabut tu mcm mana nak makan kan sebab gigi graham. Cara terbaik kena buat implant gigi and kos untuk implant dekat RM7K. MANA NAK CARI DUIT?! :( Sampai sekarang tak cabut cabut.

Tapi sebab selalu sakit so mak sedara ada suggest pakai ubat gigi dengan berus gigi gano. Jenama gano ni dah lama and famous dengan kopi Gano. Alaaaa tipu tak pernah dengar pasal kopi Gano. Alhamdulillah lepas guna ubat gigi tu bengkak dah surut. Dah jarang sakit gusi. Pastu kalau sakit gusi malam malam letak je ubat gigi tu dekat gigi. Even time selsema letak ubat gigi dekat hidung and selsema hilang hahahaa ni serious talk tak tipu. Bau mulut pun hilang dah takde dah mulut berbau sebab selalu pakai.

Tapi produk ni boleh beli dengan wakil Gano je. If sape sape sakit bengkak gusi boleh try guna insyaAllah jadi. I know how it feel bila selalu sakit gigi kan. Nanti if tak tahu nak beli dekat mana boleh tanya ifah okay, Much love <3