11 October 2015

worst nightmare ever

Assalamualaikum everyone.
It took me a lot of time to find the courage on sharing about my worst time ever.
I'll share uguys about how i clean up my acne(still in progress) but it is so so so much better!
i've worst skin ever & yes sangat sangat memalukan as a girl.

So i start having acne bila start masuk form 3. I dont even know why and maybe its because of the hormone & i have resdung. But i only have acne on my cheek! WHYYYYY???! everytime i smile memang  jerawat tu jelas sangat sangat as i have white skin type so mmg merah merah habis. YKNOW HOW I FEEL RIGHT?

So after that i start google about all the skincare i should use for my acne & spend every penny for my skin. Thanks to my parents because they never get tired of me :( Korang boleh tanya product apa i tak guna sbb i have try every of it. I have sensitive skin too. Is it okay if i mention all the product here? Tapi macam tak baik je sbb maybe it didnt work on me but maybe it work for others. Tapi i try semua mahal & murah. Yes serious banyak gila habis duit. Even pegi spa buat treatment utk jerawat resdung still didnt work.

So last year i ada buat this one treatment dekat Dr kecantikan dekat kelantan. He gave me an injection for resdung & jerawat lepastu buat laser treatment. Time tu muka teruk sgt sbb mcm terbakar sbb laser kan. It took about 2 weeks baru hilang kesan merah terbakar tu tapi parut still tak hilang. Dr cakap i kena pantang dari makan ayam, telur & any fast food. Can u imagine that?! yes ayam proses tu mmg bahaya sbb dia inject untuk cepat besar. I spend about RM300 there and i pantang dari makan all those things for about 5 months. Yknow what happen to me? I LOST 10KG AND BUT MY SKIN DIDNT GET BETTER.
I really really give up at that time sbb macam takde ubat dah untuk my acne. Duit dah habis and tak dapat makan sedap for 5 months but still tak okay.

But thanks to my family sebab selalu bg support and help me to find cure. Bulan 4 hari tu i have worst breakout ever. Not enough sleep, too stress, takde masa nak jaga muka & everything sbb that time my dad masuk hosp for 2 months. So i get really busy tido hospital apa semua. Alhamdulillah he's fine now. And i hate seeing my face in the mirror. So my boyf asked me to see the doctor. Dia cakap maybe kita patut tanya org yang pakar psl kulit. So dia bawak jumpa Dr pakar kulit, Malu actually everytime org tegur ur boyf lg flawless la apa semua. luckily he never bother and support me. Bawak g jumpa Dr for checkup, buy and post me my skincare sbb tak sempat balik. Thanks love.
My skin so much better now like i can go out without wearing makeup. Tapi still ada parut jerawat tak hilang lg.

Gambar takde filter takde edit takde makeup except for the eyes
And for ur information my skin teruk sebab hormone and sebab dulu suka pakai bedak miyami. I'm sure all of you know about bedak miyami right. Its like the best compact powder everrrrrr! But it breakout my skin sebab dulu i pakai bedak & tak cuci betul betul guna makeup remover. I ingat pakai air dah boleh hilang semua. Sebab time tu still sekolah and tak tahu apa apa psl makeup hahahahahaha.

I spend lots of money jumpa Dr pakar and its really worth it. I'll share about the treatment, medicine, skincare and vitamins that i take in my next post, insyaAllah. If you have acne prone skin don't ever give up on your life and smile because we have to appreciate ourselves to see the beauty in us. Till we meet again. Much love.
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